Monday, 10 November 2014

Healthy Food Ideas that can be replaced

Do you want some simple food substitutions that can instantly improve your diet?

Often times changes are best made in small steps. That's why I compiled a summary of healthy food substitutions you may make while grocery shopping.
When you walk down the grocery store aisles, make the following easy switches.

Instead of This --------------------------------- Try This 

Artificial sweeteners ------------------------------- Stevia herbal supplement 
Baby carrots (chlorine is added) ------------------ Big carrots, chopped 
Black tea ------------------------------------------- Green tea
Canola, corn, or vegetable oil --------------------- Olive or sesame oil 
Coffee ---------------------------------------------- Teecino herbal coffee substitute 
Conventional produce ----------------------------- Organic produce 
Distilled white vinegar ----------------------------- Apple cider vinegar 
Factory-farmed meats ----------------------------- Pasture-fed meats 
Fruit juice ------------------------------------------ Whole fruit 
GMO seeds ----------------------------------------- Open-pollinated traditional seeds 
High fructose corn syrup -------------------------- Honey or brown rice syrup 
Ketchup -------------------------------------------- Tomato slice 
Margarine or vegetable shortening --------------- Butter, ghee, or coconut oil 
Packaged microwave popcorn --------------------- Organic air-popped popcorn 
Peanut butter with trans fats and sugar ---------- Plain organic peanut butter 
Popular brand-name crackers --------------------- Mary's Gone Crackers brand 
Popular brand-name energy bar ------------------ Lara Bar 
Popular brand-name pancake syrup -------------- 100% pure maple syrup 
Powdered lemonade mix -------------------------- Water + lemon (+ stevia, optional) 
Sweetened apple sauce ---------------------------- Unsweetened apple sauce 
Sweetened low-fat yogurt ------------------------- Plain whole yogurt (add fresh fruit) 
Toasted o-shaped cereal -------------------------- Rolled, steel cut, or whole oats 
White bread ---------------------------------------- Whole grain bread 
White iodized salt ---------------------------------- Gray or pink sea salt 
White pasta ---------------------------------------- Whole grain pasta 
White rice ------------------------------------------ Brown rice 
White sugar ---------------------------------------- Date sugar 

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